Minimize the risk of being one weak or stolen password away from a data breach. Enable SecureFactor today and safeguard your business.

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Every day, cyber criminals use stolen credentials to access and infect systems or steal data. What’s most needed to reverse this trend is for authentication (known as multi-factor authentication or MFA) to require additional proof of identity beyond simple username and password, and to be widely deployed by all companies – no matter their size.

What is SecureFactor?

SecureFactor is the use of two or more authentication factors from:

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    • Something you know: Password or PIN
    • Something you have: Token or mobile phone
    • Something you have: Token or mobile phone

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Why Secure Factor?

T. Daniels Consulting's unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only helps reduce the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches arising from lost or stolen credentials, but we deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. SecureFactor goes beyond traditional 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) by considering innovative ways to positively identify users, and our large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations means that you can use MFA to protect access to the network, VPNs, and Cloud applications. Even non-technical users find the SecureFactor mobile app easy and convenient to use!

Strong Ecosystem - T. Daniels Consulting's ecosystem includes dozens of 3rd party integrations with SecurePoint - allowing companies to require users to authenticate before accessing sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks. SecureFactor supports the SAML standard, permitting users to log in once to access a full range of applications and services.

Management on the Secure Factor Cloud Platform - Companies with limited IT staff and security expertise benefit from MFA protection that’s easy to deploy and manage on the SecureFactor Cloud Platform. You can access it from anywhere, and there is no need to install software, schedule upgrades or manage patches. Moreover, the platform easily accommodates a single global account view or many independent accounts.

Easy To Use Secure Factor Mobile App - T. Daniels Consulting's SecureFactor app allows users to authenticate right from their own phone! No need to carry key fobs or thumb drives; instead install and activate the SecurePoint app in seconds, and then use it to authenticate from a smartphone. It enables speedy push-based authentication as well as offline authentication using QR codes with the phone’s camera.

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