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Time is money and that means you don’t have time to waste.

At T. Daniels Consulting, we understand your pain points and the technology needs of your team. Project Managers, Superintendents, and Engineers need secure access to their tools from multiple locations and a reliable network that works no matter the job site. We take care of your technology needs so you can focus on your business and save time and money and eliminate the worry of managing your own IT including:


Your team is spread out across multiple sites and need mobility solutions that allow for secure 24x7 access to their data and resources on multiple devices.

We can enable your remote workers to be able to access corporate email, documents, plans, time sheets, and more. We have the expertise to help you provision, secure, and manage your mobile devices, apps, and content.


Each project is unique and requires different skill sets. With frequently changing staff and subcontractors, your team needs support and collaboration tools that makes teamwork easy.

You need a way to easily provision new users and help them to collaborate with the rest of the project team. We have the construction industry experience to be able to efficiently and accurately manage these staffing changes with ease.


There is nothing more frustrating than having an urgent technology issue and having to wait to get help. We know any downtime can have a major impact on you and your project timeline.

We don’t want that to happen. Our team is not just technology experts but is also experienced in how AEC related businesses operate. Personalized support that actually cares about your business is a key focus of T. Daniels Consulting.


Integrated and properly functioning industry applications such as Sage, JD Edwards, Starbuilder, and AutoCAD are a vital part of your business operations.

We will ensure your applications are operating at peak efficiency and you're not delayed by software glitches or downtime. We can also work directly with your application vendors so you can remain focused on your business.


Technology changes so rapidly that it’s challenging for anyone who is not firmly rooted in the IT world to know for sure what needs to be done to stay ahead.

We provide reliable data and network infrastructure to optimize your systems for both functionality and performance. We’ll proactively do the maintenance you need so your workforce has the uptime they require to get the job done.


Your executive team, project managers, site workers, and business office teams are all skilled at what they do but you can’t assume they know how to protect your corporate and client data.

Did you know that more than 60% of cyber-intrusions can be traced back to an employee error? We’ll help you minimize your risk and avoid that pain by training your staff in the latest cyber security best practices.


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