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We’re the area’s only Microsoft Certified Partner dedicated to providing
IT Services to Small and Medium-sized organizations throughout Eastern Michigan. We Rank in the Top 5% of Microsoft Partners World Wide.

How does this benefit you and your business?

Our engineers have an Average of More than 15 years’ Experience in IT service and consulting working with small business and possess an array of Specialized Certifications uniquely designed to benefit small and medium organizations. You benefit by working with Folks Who Know What They’re Talking About, which means Issues are Resolved Faster, done Right the First Time, reducing disruption, making you more productive, and of course, Saving Your Money. We’re keenly aware of how critical a Quick, Competent, and Courteous service call is to your team and your bottom line.

So what you’ll get with T. Daniels is "Fortune 500" Level Technical Expertise and Experience that is exclusively Dedicated to Unique needs of your Small or Medium Business. Plus, at T. Daniels, you are backed by a company with Two Decades in Business. We recognize smaller businesses have different needs than the big corporate guy's but still require and Expect Excellence. That's the T. Daniels difference. Highly Experienced, Accomplished and Certified Professionals who understand the unique needs of small and medium business.

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