T. Daniels Consulting has over 25 years in business exclusively serving small to medium organizations. We understand the needs of small and medium organizations and our experience and expertise spreads throughout many industries such as: general business, construction, health, law, government, manufacturing, retail, and distribution. T. Daniels Consulting has a proven track record and an industry leading 99% retention rate. If you need an experienced, proficient, and reliable IT company, T. Daniels Consulting is for you! Call us today at 810-629-0131.


Dedicated to small to medium organizations. We exclusively serve small to medium organizations and understand their specific needs and challenges. Focusing primarily on small to medium organizations allows us to build a relationship with your organization and dedicate more time to you. Therefore you, the customer, benefit by our exclusive knowledge of best practices, specialized products, and vast experience working with companies similar to yours.


Done right the first time. Your organization saves time and money because T. Daniels' certified, experienced, and knowledgeable staff gets the job done faster, doing it right the first time.


Quick, fast response time. We understand that your time is valuable and response time is critical. T. Daniels' response time is quick and fast, reducing lost productivity and making you more productive.


Passed the "customer satisfaction" test. Ensuring our customers are satisfied is a top priority at T. Daniels Consulting. Our customers have the option to participate in brief satisfaction surveys upon completion of any service performed to make sure we meet and exceed customer expectations.


Certified. T. Daniels Consulting is a Microsoft Silver Certified business partner. This designation is earned only by the top 5% of all Microsoft partners worldwide. You can rest assured that you are dealing with one of the most qualified firms in your area.


Retention rate. With an industry leading retention rate of 99%, T. Daniels Consulting is highly respected by its customers. T. Daniels' high retention rate can be attributed to its dedication to small to medium organizations. Speedy response times and experienced and certified engineers contribute to satisfied customers who continue to do business with us year after year because we exceed expectations.


Local company. We are a privately held local company conveniently located in the Mid-Michigan and Metro Detroit areas. We have been dedicated to the local needs of our customers benefiting them for over 25 years.


No Geek Speak. We understand that IT language can be confusing and hard to understand and that's why we use plain English. No Geek Speak allowed (only by special request).


Affordable. T. Daniels Consulting provides enterprise level service but at the small to medium organization budget.


Flexible Service Plans. T. Daniels Consulting offers services plans based on your organizations needs and budget. Our flat fee based plans allow you to pick the coverage that best fit your needs and budget.